45 Years Of Supporting Women’s Confidence

In 2020 Amoena will celebrate its 45th birthday. So much has changed since 1975 for women diagnosed with breast cancer, and Amoena has continued to evolve and innovate to reflect their needs. Here, we take a look at some of our major milestones.


Made In Germany

Amoena’s headquarters is in Raubling, a beautiful, mountainous part of Southern Germany. Our founder, Cornelius Rechenberg, invented the first silicone breast form while studying plastics technology engineering at university.

Perplexed by the lack of support for women after mastectomy, he was determined to find a better solution than the makeshift padding and uncomfortable rubber breast prostheses used to replace lost breast tissue and restore women‘s outline. His invention was to transform the lives of women all over the world, and it remains the prototype for all breast forms and breast shapers made today.

As originator of the silicone breast form, we have used our decades of experience to establish unique manufacturing processes that produce the most durable, skin-friendly, lifelike breast forms. We use our own exclusive silicone formulations and we test raw materials to fulfill our strict quality requirements. Our breast forms are tested for endurance and their ability to maintain shape, colour, consistency and softness during prolonged wear.

Going Global

From early beginnings, Amoena grew to be a global organisation, with a distribution network that ensures women in more than 80 countries around the world can benefit from our products.

As the industry pioneer, we have continually combined the latest scientific knowledge with a deep understanding of the needs of women who have breast cancer, to create a range of breast forms, breast shapers, lingerie and clothing that helps women feel confident and feminine after surgery. We know that customers find our products comfortable and easy to wear – we work closely with breast operated women during the design process and conduct extensive wear tests for comfort and adaptability to individual surgery types and lifestyles.

We’re proud to push the boundaries of creativity, and our ongoing commitment to innovation has resulted in over four decades of patented materials, products and manufacturing methods.


Making A Difference To Women’s Lives

Amoena is not just a global company but a community that is dedicated to helping restore women’s confidence and quality of life.

Breast cancer is a huge challenge, and we want to be there for you every step of the way. Our products are sensitively designed to meet your needs – from hand-made breast forms, everyday and luxury lingerie ranges, swimwear, workout clothing and leisurewear to headscarves.

But our support goes further – with resources to help you navigate your way through diagnosis, treatment and beyond, including online platforms that help women share their breast cancer experiences and find support in each other.

Our online forum, The Day I Was Told includes articles, case studies and health information for every stage of your journey.

Complementing this, our online newsletter, Amoena4Life with around 70 000 global users, is a regular resource for anyone affected by breast cancer. If you haven’t already signed up, click here.


Impeccable Industry Credentials

Amoena’s commitment to excellence encompasses a proactive approach to quality benchmarking within the breast form industry. We were proud to be the first to receive industry certification in 1992. Our internationally recognized and approved standards bear witness to Amoena’s industry-leading quality and environmental management credentials.

As we celebrate 45 years of supporting women’s confidence, we look forward to continuing to support you every step of the way.